View Full Version : fitting weber 32/36

16-03-2005, 09:10 PM
Hello everyone, this is my first, so be gentle with me!

I've bought a 32/36 weber kit from Coolair for my stock '73 Bay. I eventually got all the bits. But I've got issues?

No where to put oil breather pipe in the pancake air filter.
Everyone seems to go on about icing up, and that pre-heat is important. But I wont have any pre-heat with a cartridge air filter.

So is this a bad idea? Do I need to try and find a way of using my stock oil bath air filter. I've already fitted an 009 dizzy and then bought a new carb to cure the flat spot. :?:

17-03-2005, 09:23 AM
carbs wont necessarly cure a flat spot but anyway. You'll have to fit the weber without the pre heat air pipe and the oil breather pipe. For the breather pipe route this out of the way and throught the tin somewhere it can drip oil without making a mess if it wants to or fit a breather mini filter thing.

As for icing, yes weber progs are more prone to this. Make sure you are fitting the exhaust to mainfold heater pipes and that they and the risers from the exhaust are clear of blockages.

depending on the driving conditions and a number of factors you may have issues, you may not. you can help matters by not running decklid stand offs etc.

They are great fit and forget carbs that give an extra bit of pep to the engine that you'll enjoy!

18-03-2005, 08:29 AM
Fit the pre-heat pipes from the manifold to the exhaust (making sure there's actually a hole in the exhaust for these - 4-1 headers have the connection, but often the hole needs drilling).
Shouldn't be any probs with icing with these connected.
Don't forget to blank off the extra hole you'll have in your tinware
Not sure about the air filter. Mine have the oblong/square type on and they have a hole for the breather. simple solution is just to get one of those mini breather things for about a fiver or so.
Once it's installed take it to a good vw garage that knows tuning and get it tuned, then you'll have no flatspots