View Full Version : wher do i get a pod type revcounter ?

11-04-2005, 07:03 PM
wher do i get a pod type revcounter ? dont like the idea of spendin the £80 most of them seem to be !

any ideas of alternatives?

11-04-2005, 08:26 PM
i'm working on a little project for a work collegue and my bugs.
how about a set of "shift lights "..... ?
its in its infancy at the moment but here it.
connects to coil -ve like a rev counter.
There is a circuit board that filters the high voltages the pulse is then "read" by a microprocessor and a series of LED's are lit. currently my dev unit is set at 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k rpm. (i also have an optional 5th LED ) but can be set to any thing

what do ya think ?


11-04-2005, 08:59 PM
sounds realy neat and would be great in the buss when i finish it
but im only lookin for a revcounter so i can try to figure out what revs works best for coolin and speed without thrashin the ass off it!?

also trying th get betterthan 17 mpg!