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20-05-2005, 08:33 PM
how little of an engine do you have to disturb to fit a different cam?

I've got a bugpack cam, i'll need some bugpack followers and I guess some cam bearings?

I know i'll have to split the case but can I leave the crank in mostly and 1 set of Pistons and head in situ?

wanna fit most of the mods to my 1641, cam and a power pulley, maybe straight cut gears, 4 into 1 then I can go for the 1914cc at a later date when i can fuel inject it as well...

any help would be wonderfull

23-05-2005, 10:06 AM
check you can get proper access to all the case bolts with one side built up, but your not really saving yourself much work buy leaving them on really as it'll be alot easier to man handle the engine without!

thing is while you've got the case open you really ought to check the bearings!

you'll prob end up making more work for yourself by trying to keep the crank in situ and i'll be really tricky to ensure everything stays nice and clean!

23-05-2005, 03:59 PM
when you split the case most of it falls all over the bench anyway


p.s. for injection check out megaquirt ... diy efi job just up my street might order one for a laugh

23-05-2005, 09:31 PM
may as well go for gold and get the heads/case machined for the 94's and do it all in 1 go then, in theory the engine in question has less than 1000miles on it since rebuild...I bought it for the buggy about 3 years ago having just been built, unfinished project and all that, from a chap in cheshair been in the buggy for about 800miles...

My cousin has an as41 case from a superbeetle and some heads in his garage which i will probably buy, then just swap crank/rods over and rebuild.

got a 215mm bus flywheel on the buggy at the moment, toying with swapping it for a lightened one at rebuild time too...

thanks guys, time to save up a bit more...

I have been keeping an eye on megasquirt for about 2 years and they seem to be getting more built in, you can buy ready built kits for about £150, trouble is I want some jenvey throttle bodies at about £400 a pair! figure with a vent and jet change the drla's will be adequate for 1914 just not ideal, 32's and 135's are what I pulled out 12 months ago and sold....arse!

27-05-2005, 08:22 PM
i've got some DRLA jets and emulsion tube i can check what i've got if ya want ...

i've also found out that dellorto have stoped making bits and there getting thin on the ground


27-05-2005, 11:08 PM
when u split the case put the left hand side facing away from u and tilt it onto a brick so everythink stays in the left halve of the case.

you could leave the number 3 & 4 head on but if you end up taking the crank out you'll hav to take the pistons off the rods which is a pain to do without ur crank falling everywhere.

1776 barrels and pistons with a bigger crank to make a 1941 would be a safer an more reliable idea as the barrels on 1776 have thicker walls so would not heat up as much

would also recomend scat lube a lobe lifters on anythink bigger than a 1641



28-05-2005, 06:53 AM
cheers guys!

i found CB had stuff no problems last year, they make their own vents, jets can be reamed :)

was going with lube a lobe but wasn't sure because in the bugpack cam instructions it says to use bugpack lifters :?:

94mm to make 1914 is a half way point in my engine ;) think somethink like a 2.2 would be a bit exciting in a buggy, thats why FI is a must eventually, it only does 2000 miles a year tops, so even 10,000 miles life would be 5 years....

28-05-2005, 07:37 PM
it dosnt realy matter as long as u dont use stock ones

but i would recomend scat l&l's tho (for safey an quality)

stef :)