View Full Version : better brake's on a 64 bug

02-01-2005, 11:07 AM
I'm fed up of the constant adjustment , locking up at low speed ect.. on me bug. I know i could get a wide 5 convertion (at £500 !) i also know the dropped spindles that come with them increase track so that means a narrowed beam. i don't mind changing wheels ect... if there's porsche stuff i can fit

Any Ideas ? is there a better make to get ?


02-01-2005, 05:25 PM
the othere and cheaper way is to fit frount drum wheel cyliders to the back(fit the same but are a lot bigger) and this increses rear breaking and helps over all and very cheap as they are only £6 each to buy new :wink:

or as you say the wide 5s disks

there is a porka setup you can get but that will cost about £600 to get the parts and have it all machined to fit :(