View Full Version : Erm... awning or racks!

26-02-2005, 01:53 PM
Right then I have a dilema. I have got roof racks to put on my bus but last year I had trouble gettin my awning to fit because they rest in the gutters.

I am lookin for a different type of awning but something that will just fit in between the cargo doors rather than the whole length of the bus (if u know what i mean). On my old bus i tried those door canopy's from Autocraft and didnt think they were much good.

I have got the two bow for the front and then i have the three bow at the bk.

Does anyone know a way round it. I want to keep the racks but having an awning is essential for when i go on holiday (no.. its not for the shoes and bags i take :D )

Would prefer a retro type awning but dont mind goin for a modern one if its the only way round it!

Any idea people?